Follow your heart

From the moment that you are following your heart, your life will be full of wonders.

~ Paulo Coelho

Support to honour your heart's calling

Every precious moment counts, so let’s fill our moments with love.
Each time we choose to honour our heart’s calling to explore, express and share our creativity, we add more love to the world.
Yes, honouring our calling is a risk and it can feel scary. But know that you don’t have to do it alone. I am here to support and encourage you through each exciting step.

Why work with a coach?

As an Artist coach, I am here to:

Allow now to be the time that you accomplish a cherished goal.

Dreaming big? I’m here to support you as you bravely set out to make your dream come true.

I’ll help you clarify your intention, call forth the energetic blueprint of your dream, identify manageable steps to achieve it, and take positive action to birth it into this world.

I’ll also hold you gently accountable (with no judgement!) as you overcome procrastination and fear. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, holding the vision for your success!


Here’s how I can help you begin an exciting new chapter…

About Your Coach

Denise Jeanette

Hi, I’m Denise Jeanette, Artist of the Spirit Certified Life, Energetic and Spiritual Coach.

The Artist of the Spirit way of coaching is special because it engages the imagination to access Divine inspiration and create transformation and healing. Its use of imaginative/intuitive inner journeying as a tool makes it a wonderful modality for creatives, entrepreneurs and dreamers.

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